ZOLL® AED Pro® Demo Unit

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A Flexible AED for Every Rescuer

The AED Pro® provides the support rescuers need to nearly triple survival.1 It provides the feedback both professionals and lay rescuers need to perform optimal CPR.

It features:

  • Real CPR Help® to aid rescuers in delivering optimal compressions and improving the likelihood of survival
  • See-Thru CPR® to reduce the length of interruptions by removing compression artifact
  • A three-lead cable for basic monitoring using ECG electrodes
  • Unique extended USB storage that allows immediate data transfer without leaving the scene
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ZOLL® AED Pro® Demo Unit

Medic Depot is an authorized online source for the most rugged and flexible AED available! The ZOLL AED Pro is designed to handle the toughest extremes of the Emergency Medical Service but is “gentle” enough to handle everyday life at the office, too.

  • Virtually indestructible-resistant to dust and high pressure, direct water spray (IP55 rating)
  • High-resolution LCD display for Lead II monitoring
  • Two models: semi-automatic, or semi-automatic with manual override
  • One-piece electrode provides instant feedback on rate and depth of CPR chest compressions with both visual and optional audible cues
  • First to incorporate USB memory technology for unlimited data storage capacity
  • Unrivaled battery compatibility-from disposable/recyclable to rechargeable

The ZOLL AED Pro is unique because of its flexibility. The semi-automatic model is perfect for lay-rescuers who want the toughest AED available. It uses ZOLL’s popular one piece CPR-D•padz™ electrodes for fast, accurate placement as well as the traditional 2-piece style…the choice is all yours.

The semi-automatic with manual override version fits the bill for medical professionals who need the option of delivering treatment on demand. What’s more, the ZOLL AED Pro can also be used to monitor patients via “Lead 2”. View the patient’s ECG waveform, heart rate, shocks delivered, and CPR compression depth from the ZOLL AED Pro’s large and clear LCD screen. It makes the “Pro” an affordable alternative to pricey manual monitor/defibrillators. Choose between ZOLL’s standard SLA battery packs, compatible with ZOLL’s larger “M” Series models, or rechargeable lithium-ion battery packs for greater capacity and longer run times.

Need a hard copy of the rescue just performed? Download patient data from the ZOLL AED Pro to your personal computer in a snap. ZOLL’s RescueNet™ basic data software is available free. Data transfers from the “Pro” to a PC via USB flash media.

And did we mention the ZOLL AED Pro is tough? The body of the ZOLL AED Pro is made of Polycarbonate Siloxane (the same material professional football helmets are made of) and has an incredibly durable Thermo Plastic Urethane overmold. The ZOLL AED Pro has an IP55 rating for water resistance to high-pressure water jets. No other defibrillator can withstand this kind of abuse.

Medic Depot has a huge selection of accessories for the ZOLL AED Pro, too. Just scroll down below to put together a package that’s right for your application. If this unit is too advanced, the ZOLL AED Plus is always an option as well! Order online! It’s guaranteed safe and secure. Or call one of our customer service associates now. Remember, we include free ground shipping on all AEDs delivered within the contiguous United States.

Additional information


(H x W x D) 3in(7.6cm)x9.2in(23.5cm)x 9.4in (23.9 cm) deep.


< 6.5 lbs with disposable battery and electrodes (2.9 kg).


Battery Type: Rechargeable, sealed lead acid.

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